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Security Modules and Utilities


U.S. Department of Commerce and U.S. State Department regulations restrict the export of certain security algorithms. These restricted algorithms include DES and RC4 (with key length greater than 40 bits). Anyone wanting to purchase Inferno with DES and a version of RC4 supporting a key size greater than 40 bits should contact Lucent Technologies at the phone number listed in the readme file delivered with Inferno.

An introduction to Inferno security is found in Introduction to security.

A summary of the Inferno related components of security is found in Summary of security modules, utilities, commands, daemons, and abstract data types.

The following modules, functions, commands and daemons are arranged in alphabetic order and are described in the remaining part of this chapter.
auth, readauthinfo, writeauthinfo - authenticate a connection

certtostr, pktostr, sktostr, strtocert, strtopk, strtosk -encryption key conversion functions

changelogin - command to create/update the password file

connect, secret - interface to the Secure Sockets Layer device

createsignerkey - command to create signer key on authentication server

genSK, genSKfromPK, sktopk, dhparams - generate keys

get, put - read and write password entries in the password file

getauthinfo - command to create/obtain a certificate for authentication

getstring, putstring, getbytearray, putbytearray, puterror- delimited I/O

IPint adt - 'infinite' precision integer utility functions

login, getauthinfo - get an Authinfo adt from a certificate authority

logind - login daemon

manufacture - command to emulate set-top-box-id in ROM

randomint, randombuf - interface to random number device

register - command to register set-top-box identity with signer

sha, md5, sign, verify - cryptographic digests and digital signatures

signer, countersigner - daemons for set-top box authentication

verify - command to authenticate receiver of blinded certificate

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