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time - time command execution


time cmd args..


The time command is a 'front end' to the execution of the cmd and arguments that appear on the command line. On completion of the subject program (cmd), time prints to standard error a line with the load, run, and total times (in seconds) for the subject.

The time command follows the same rules as the shell for converting cmd to the pathname of an executable module.

The load time displayed is just the value for time to load cmd. Any loads performed by cmd are included in the reported run time.

The time command is designed to act on a single command, not a command pipeline. If statistics on a pipeline are needed, the pipeline should be encapsulated into a separate script for timing. For example,

	echo 'ls | grep sh' > pipeline;  time sh pipeline

In the above example, the load value returned by time is for the loading of sh, not the subsidiary commands of the pipeline.

See Also

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The time command will interfere with the generation of end of file condition when used on a command reading a pipeline.

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