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newns - build a new name space from a description file


include "lib.m";
ns:=   load Newns Newns->PATH;
newns: fn(user: string, nsfile: string): string;


The Newns module reads file nsfile and builds a new name space based on the commands it contains. If nsfile is nil or empty, then newns attempts to read the file "namespace" in the current directory.

The name space description file contains one or more lines each of which specifies one name space operation. The operations and their arguments are:

bind [-abrci] old new

Use new as an alias for file or directory old. Options a, b, c, and r translate to flag values Sys->MAFTER, Sys->MBEFORE, Sys->MCREATE, and Sys->MREPL, respectively, of bind. Option i means to ignore errors.

cd directory

Change working directory to directory.


Split the name space before modification. This is equivalent to passing a value of Sys->FORKNS to the pctl system call. See pctl.


Disallow device attaches. This is equivalent to passing a value of Sys->NODEVS to the pctl system call. See pctl.

mount [-abrci] [net!] machine to [spec]

Mount the file tree of machine upon directory to. Options a, b, c, i, and r are the same as for bind. The tokens to and spec translate to old and aname of mount as described under bind.

See Also

nsbuild, bind, chdir, and pctl


The user string is ignored.

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