9SRVFS(4)                   (Plan 9)                    9SRVFS(4)

          9srvfs - add Inferno service to Plan 9 service registry

          9srvfs [ -p perm ] srvname source

          9srvfs is only usable (or indeed of interest) on Inferno
          hosted under Plan 9.  It uses srv9(3) to make an Inferno
          service source available to Plan 9 applications via the Plan
          9 service registry.  Srv9 (3) must previously have been
          bound to /srv in the current name space, with -c to allow
          file creation (see bind(1)).

          Source may be either a command or the name of a directory.
          If source is surrounded by braces ({ and }), it is invoked
          as a sh(1) command, and its standard input (sic) is posted
          as Plan 9 service /srv/srvname with permissions perm
          (default: mode 600).  Otherwise, source is taken to be a
          directory that is the root of a name space to export to Plan
          9, an exporting file service is started (see sys-export(2)),
          and again posted as Plan 9 service /srv/srvname, and the
          export terminates when the Plan 9 service file has been
          removed and the last mounted instance goes away in Plan 9.

          Make the current Inferno environment variables available to
          Plan 9 applications:

               bind -c '#₪' /srv   # if not already done
               9srvfs infenv /env

          The name space can then be mounted in Plan 9, allowing vari-
          ables to be read and written in that Inferno environment:

               mount -c /srv/infenv /n/ftp
               ls /n/ftp
               cat /n/ftp/emuargs
               echo masked man >/n/ftp/zorro


          bind(1), srv9(3), import(4)

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