TARFS(4)                                                 TARFS(4)

          tarfs - mount tar archive

          tarfs [ -ab ] [ -p ] tarfile mountpt

          Tarfs makes the contents of the directories and files
          archived in the given Unix/POSIX tar archive tarfile visible
          in the name space under mountpt. They can then be accessed
          in an obvious way by other commands such as ls(1) and cp(1).
          Only read access is supported.  User and group names are
          taken from the ``ustar'' headers when present.  Otherwise,
          the numeric user and group IDs are used.  The -a and -b
          options cause the tarfile's name space to be placed after or
          before the current contents of mountpt; the default is to
          replace that directory's contents.  Option -p causes permis-
          sions in the tar file to be discarded.


          gettar(1), archfs(4), intro(5)

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