DBSRV(7)                      (emu)                      DBSRV(7)

          dbsrv - ODBC database server

          lib/dbsrv alg ...

          Dbsrv is normally configured to be run by svc(8) on a
          machine that acts as database server, for access through the
          module db(7).

          The incoming call is authenticated by security-auth(2).
          After successful authorisation, the client can request that
          a digest and/or encryption algorithm be applied to protect
          the data exchanged with the server.  Each alg names a digest
          or encryption algorithm that the server will allow the
          client to use, in any form accepted by ssl(3); the special
          name none means that ssl need not be used.

          The implementation of dbsrv relies on a program external to
          Inferno, infdb, which translates between the db(7) internal
          format for requests, and data base access calls on the host.
          Dbsrv invokes infdb using the cmd(3) device.  Currently
          infdb is implemented only under Windows/NT, giving access
          via ODBC to a Microsoft Access data base.

          /cmd                       host command execution
          /Nt/386/bin/infdb.exe      Windows executable for ODBC
          /usr/user/keyring/default  server's authentication data when
                                     svc(8) run as user


          db(7), svc(8)

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