9PFUSE(4)                                               9PFUSE(4)

          9pfuse - mount 9P service via FUSE

          9pfuse [ -D ] [ -A t ] [ -a aname ] addr mtpt

          9pfuse mounts the 9P service running at addr onto mtpt using
          the FUSE user-level file system driver.

          9pfuse sets up the initial mount and then forks itself into
          the background, where it serves the FUSE protocol, translat-
          ing the requests into 9P.

          The options are:

          -D   Print each FUSE and 9P message to standard error.

          -a aname
               Use aname as the attach name.

          -A t Set the kernel cache timeout for attribute information
               to t (default 1.0) seconds.

          The fusermount binary must exist in the current search path.

          FUSE is available for Linux 2.4.21 and later, Linux 2.6, and
          FreeBSD 6.x and later.

          FUSE Homepage, http://fuse.sourceforge.net

          FUSE for FreeBSD, http://fuse4bsd.creo.hu

          MacFUSE, http://code.google.com/p/macfuse


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