FINDPARTS(10.1)                                   FINDPARTS(10.1)

          findparts, ics, lookup, pins - find and manage parts

          cda/findparts [ file ...  ]

          cda/ics part ...

          cda/pins library part ...

          cda/lookup [ type|chip|index ] part ...

          Findparts reads the output of getparts (see fizz(10.1)) and
          finds the bin number of each part (or functional equivalent)
          in the local stockroom.

          Ics searches the stock list to find the bins for the part
          arguments.  The arguments should be the name of a chip, such
          as 74F00.

          Pins searches the standard pins file to find the pin names
          of the part and its relevant pin numbers.  if three argu-
          ments are given instead of two, then the second argument is
          used as the pin library filename.

          Lookup searches the chip database in one of three modes:
          type searches the database by type, e.g. driver or dsp.
          However, certain names are common (driver is one of them).
          Mode index should be used first to see all the fields for a
          given chip type.  After filtering the output, then use the
          "type" option to find all chips of that type.  Mode chip
          looks up all chips with that string, e.g.  2901 will find
          all 2901 chips.

          /n/coma/usr/ucds/lib/stock    stock list
          /sys/lib/cda/lib.pins    system pin library

          The equivalence classes known to findparts are fairly crude.

          The string matches are done exactly with grep(1); an
          inverted index would be better.

          The CAPS database is much better than lookup, but is not on

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