GRAW_FORMAT(10.6)                               GRAW_FORMAT(10.6)

          graw - graw file format

          Graw_format files are simple.  There is one primitive per
          line, each primitive indicated by a single-character identi-
          fier.  All strings are enclosed in double quotes.  Defini-
          tion need not precede use, though in practice graw produces
          ref primitives first, and master definitions are seldom
          found outside libraries.

          The argument to a ref (or include) command is searched for
          in the current directory and then in /lib/graw.


          body:     prim | body prim
          prim:     line | box | string | dots | macro | inst | ref |
          line:     l point point
          box: b rect
          string:   s chars disp point
          dots:     d rect
          macro:    z rect
          inst:     i chars point
          ref: r filename
          master:   mstart body mend
          mstart:   m chars
          mend:     e
          rect:     point point
          point:    INT INT
          disp:     INT
          chars:    " STRING "

          Graw string displacements are specified by five bit codes
          defined below:
          /* string placement displacements */
          #define   HALFX     1
          #define   FULLX     2
          #define   HALFY     4
          #define   FULLY     8
          #define   INVIS     16

          Invisible strings are typically defined for masters with
          connection points.  Though the text is usually not displayed
          or printed, the remaining four bits should nonetheless spec-
          ify a proper displacement for the sake of back-annotation.

          /lib/graw/gates.g  the standard gate file

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     GRAW_FORMAT(10.6)                               GRAW_FORMAT(10.6)


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