MKPINS(10.1)                                         MKPINS(10.1)

          mkpins, mkpkgs, getpkgs, mkpos /- select pin definitions

          cda/mkpins file.wx [ file.pins ...  ]

          cda/mkpkgs file.wx [ file.pkgs ...  ]

          cda/getpkgs file.wx [ file.fizz ...  ]

          cda/mkpos file.fx

          Mkpins sorts through the various pins files given and only
          selects the needed pins definitions by looking up the type
          from the .t line in the various .pins files.  It writes the
          needed pins on the standard output and undefined pins on the
          standard error.

          Mkpkgs is like mkpins except it accepts a list of package
          files and generates the appropriate package files on the
          standard output.

          Getpkgs is like mkpkgs except it takes a CDL input (.wx)
          file and a fizz package file.

          Mkpos creates a null position file from a fizz input file.

          CDL should go away.

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