PART(10.1)                                             PART(10.1)

          part - configure common programmable logic devices

          part [ options ] [ filename ]

          Part accepts logic functions described by minterm(10.6) as
          input and attempts to implement them with programmable logic
          devices. It assigns pins partitioning them over multiple
          devices if necessary.  In the case that a single device is
          sufficient, part produces two output files filename.m and
          filename.p.  The first is used by xpal (10.1) for program-
          ming the device; the second contains pin assignment informa-
          tion. In the case of multiple devices filename.nnm and
          filename.nnp files are generated, where nn are integers
          between 0 and the number of devices minus one. In the case
          of multiple devices, a filename.j giving a schematic repre-
          sentation of how the devices are connected in graw(10.1)
          format is also produced.

          The options are:

          -t device_type
               use device_type as the target device programmable logic
               device.  By default, part uses the type on the .x line
               of the lde_format(10.6) source file if present.

          -N n Iterate at most n times (default is 5).

          -M n Iterate an additional n times after successfully fit-
               ting the equations to the target devices.

          -p   Use the pin assignments in the pin assignment files.

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