PLL(10.1)                                               PLL(10.1)

          pll - phase lock loop calculator

          cda/pll [ -cfknoptzAPT ]

          Pll calculates the passive component values for a second-
          order phase lock loop.  Component values and other calcula-
          tions are emitted on the standard error output while the
          Bode plot is generated on the standard output.

          The parameters of the loop are given on the command line:

          -c   the capacitor, in farads

          -f   the frequency of the loop in hertz

          -v   the gain constant of the vco (in Hz/v)

          -n   the divider multiplier

          -o   the frequency of the loop C

          -p   the gain constant of the phase detector (in V/radian)

          -t   the `type' of the chip; should be in the list printed
               by the -T option.

          -z   the damping constant Q

          Other output flags are:

          -A   for an active filter (defaults to passive)

          -P   for a Bode plot; output grap(1) format on standard out-

          -T   will tell about the chip types known to pll.

          This program is shamelessly stolen from Rhode's book "Theory
          and Design of Digital PLL Frequency Synthesizers".


          Capacitor value should be in microfarads.
          Failure to give all the values results in an invalid float-
          ing point fault.

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