DATAKIT(3)                                             DATAKIT(3)

          incon, hsvme, hs386 - Datakit interface

          bind -a #i /dev
          bind -a #h /dev


          The Datakit interface is a stream directory containing a
          data and a control file.  Each write to the data file is a
          structured message.  The first two bytes of the message are
          a 9-bit virtual circuit number, low order byte first.  The
          third byte is a control byte.  The rest are data bytes.  The
          data bytes are sent onto the Datakit virtual circuit, tagged
          as data, followed by the control byte, tagged as control.

          Messages coming from Datakit are read from the data file in
          the same format.  A read terminates at the end of a message.
          The largest possible received message is 1024 + 3 bytes.

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