CARD(9.1)                                               CARD(9.1)

          card, ramp - create simple color fields

          fb/card [ -crgba ] [ -wx0 y0 x1 y1 ] red [ green blue ] [
          alpha ]

          fb/ramp [ -v ] [ -wx0 y0 x1 y1 ] [ [ leftcolor ] rightcolor

          Card writes a constant (all pixels equal) picture on stan-
          dard output.  The red, green blue and alpha arguments are
          numbers between 0 and 255.  Green and blue default equal to
          red. Alpha defaults to 255.  Option -c specifies the CHAN=
          attribute of the picture file.  The default is CHAN=m,
          CHAN=ma, CHAN=rgb, or CHAN=rgba depending on which of red,
          green blue and alpha are specified.

          Ramp creates a picture file whose pixel values range from
          leftcolor to rightcolor across each scan line, writing on
          standard output.  Leftcolor defaults to 0; rightcolor
          defaults to 255.  If three arguments are given for leftcolor
          and rightcolor the output will have CHAN=rgb.  Otherwise, it
          will have CHAN=m.

          Option -v causes ramp to make a vertical ramp (leftcolor at
          the top, rightcolor at the bottom).

          For both commands, option -w specifies the size of the pic-
          ture.  The default gives WINDOW=0 0 1280 1024.


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