DROP(9.1)                                               DROP(9.1)

          drop, save, flip - copy picture files to and from screen

          fb/drop [ input ]


          fb/flip [ -r fps ] p1 p2 ...

          Drop displays its argument picture file (default standard
          input) in the middle of a terminal screen or 8½ window.  As
          most Plan 9 terminals are grey-scale devices with only a few
          bits per pixel, it computes the luminance of color images
          and uses error-diffusion dither to quantize the pixel val-
          ues.  Save writes a picfile containing its window (or screen
          if 8½ is not running) onto its standard output.

          Flip displays many picfiles in sequence in a loop.  The pic-
          tures must be the same size, and must fit in memory.  The
          pictures are all loaded into main memory and then sent to
          the display as required using wrbitmap (see balloc(2)), so
          the machine running flip can be remote; a CPU server can be
          used if there are many large frames.  The -r option sets the
          display rate in frames per second.  By default flip displays
          as fast as it can: about 15 frames per second for a small
          picture on a Magnum.


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