MUGS(9.1)                                               MUGS(9.1)

          mugs -  make face icons from pictures

          mugs [ -a ] [ -1 ] [ -2 ] [ file ]

          Mugs interactively converts grey-scale images in the form of
          picfile(9.6) into 48x48 icons.  It is designed to run in a
          pipe, reading the picture from standard input unless a sin-
          gle file is given on the call.  Mugs displays a large
          approximation to the original picture and a matrix of 48x48
          icons of varying contrast and brightness.  Button 1 selects
          one of the icons.  Button 2 offers the menu entries:

          in   Zoom in to a finer contrast/brightness range around the
               selected icon. Repeated ins will zoom in farther.

          out  Opposite of in.

               Set the brightness/contrast range to the maximum.

          Both in and out preserve the brightness/contrast values in
          the selected icon.  Button 3 presents a menu with entries:

               Select a square window in the large picture using but-
               ton 3.  Touch down at the top and center of the square
               and slide around to adjust its size.  Appropriately
               cropped icons will be displayed.

               Toggle between 1- and 2-bit deep icons.

               Write the selected icon to standard output.  Each write
               produces 48 lines of text suitable for initializing an
               array in C.  1-bit deep icons produce three shorts per
               line; 2-bit depths are written as three longs per line.

               Terminate mugs with a non-blank error return.

               Terminate with a null status return.

          Option -a indicates that picture files have non-square pix-
          els with aspect ratio 1.25, as produced by some frame grab-
          bers.  Normally pixels are assumed to be square.  -1 and -2

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     MUGS(9.1)                                               MUGS(9.1)

          select the initial depth of the icons. -2 is default.


          Preservation of the selected icon through an out operation
          leads to strained ranges.

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