<HEAD> <TITLE>plan 9 man section 6</TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY>  <B>[<A
     HREF="/sys/man/index.html">manual  index</A>]</B> <H2>Plan 9 from
     Bell Labs - Section 6 - File Formats, Misc</H2> <HR> <DL>  <DT><A
     HREF="/magic/man2html/6/0intro">0intro</A>   -   introduction  to
     file     formats     <DD><TT>     intro</TT>     </DT>     <DT><A
     HREF="/magic/man2html/6/a.out">a.out</A>  -   object  file format
     <DD><TT>            a.out</TT>            </DT>            <DT><A
     HREF="/magic/man2html/6/ar">ar</A>   -   archive  (library)  file
     format        <DD><TT>        ar</TT>        </DT>         <DT><A
     HREF="/magic/man2html/6/auth">auth</A>  -  authentication service
     <DD><TT>           ticket</TT>            </DT>            <DT><A
     HREF="/magic/man2html/6/color">color</A>   -   representation  of
     pixels   and   colors   <DD><TT>    color</TT>    </DT>    <DT><A
     HREF="/magic/man2html/6/face">face</A>  -   face  files  <DD><TT>
     face</TT> </DT> <DT><A  HREF="/magic/man2html/6/font">font</A>  -
     external   format   for   fonts   and   subfonts  <DD><TT>  font,
     subfont</TT>                     </DT>                     <DT><A
     HREF="/magic/man2html/6/image">image</A>  -   external format for
     images       <DD><TT>       image</TT>        </DT>        <DT><A
     HREF="/magic/man2html/6/keyboard">keyboard</A>  -   how  to  type
     characters     <DD><TT>      keyboard</TT>      </DT>      <DT><A
     HREF="/magic/man2html/6/man">man</A>  -  macros to typeset manual
     <DD><TT>            man</TT>             </DT>             <DT><A
     HREF="/magic/man2html/6/map">map</A>  -   digitized  map  formats
     <DD><TT>            map</TT>             </DT>             <DT><A
     HREF="/magic/man2html/6/mpictures">mpictures</A>    -     picture
     inclusion   macros   <DD><TT>   mpictures</TT>    </DT>    <DT><A
     HREF="/magic/man2html/6/ms">ms</A>   -    macros  for  formatting
     manuscripts       <DD><TT>       ms</TT>       </DT>       <DT><A
     HREF="/magic/man2html/6/namespace">namespace</A>  -   name  space
     description   file   <DD><TT>   namespace</TT>    </DT>    <DT><A
     HREF="/magic/man2html/6/ndb">ndb</A> -  Network database <DD><TT>
     ndb</TT> </DT>  <DT><A  HREF="/magic/man2html/6/plot">plot</A>  -
     graphics    interface    <DD><TT>    plot</TT>    </DT>    <DT><A
     HREF="/magic/man2html/6/plumb">plumb</A>  -   format   of   plumb
     messages    and    rules   <DD><TT>   plumb</TT>   </DT>   <DT><A
     HREF="/magic/man2html/6/regexp">regexp</A> -  regular  expression
     notation       <DD><TT>       regexp</TT>       </DT>      <DT><A
     HREF="/magic/man2html/6/rewrite">rewrite</A>  -    mail   rewrite
     rules        <DD><TT>       rewrite</TT>       </DT>       <DT><A
     HREF="/magic/man2html/6/smtpd">smtpd</A>   -     SMTP    listener
     configuration      <DD><TT>      smtpd</TT>      </DT>     <DT><A
     HREF="/magic/man2html/6/snap">snap</A>   -    process   snapshots
     <DD><TT>             snap</TT>            </DT>            <DT><A
     HREF="/magic/man2html/6/users">users</A> -  file server user list
     format        <DD><TT>        users</TT>       </DT>       <DT><A
     HREF="/magic/man2html/6/utf">utf</A> -  character set and  format
     <DD><TT>    UTF,   Unicode,   ASCII,   rune</TT>   </DT>   <DT><A
     HREF="/magic/man2html/6/vgadb">vgadb</A> -   VGA  controller  and
     monitor database <DD><TT> vgadb</TT> </DT> </DL>