TKCMD(1)                                                 TKCMD(1)

          tkcmd - enter Tk commands interactively

          tkcmd [ -iu ] [ tkarg ]

          Tkcmd allows interactive entry of Tk commands; it is useful
          for testing out features of Tk prior to incorporating them
          in a Limbo program. It accepts two arguments:

          -i   Force interactive mode. In interactive mode (the
               default if the standard input is directed at
               /dev/cons), a prompt is printed before every tk command

          -u   Suppress the automatic tk update command after every
               entered command.

          When tkcmd is started, a new top level window is created;
          tkcmd creates a titlebar and handles all the normal window
          window manager interactions.  When the window is closed,
          tkcmd terminates.  Each line typed to tkcmd is passed
          directly to the function Tk->cmd (see tk(2)) and executed in
          the context of the top level window; a Tk ``update'' command
          is then issued.  Any return value from the command is
          printed.  There is one predefined Tk channel, named ``std-
          out''; anything sent down this channel will be printed to
          the standard output.


          tk(2), intro(9), sh-tk(1)

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