ROOT(3)                                                   ROOT(3)

          root - the root file system


          This device is set up by the kernel to be the initial root
          of the name space.  In the emulation environment, the names
          in the one-level tree shown above are mostly just place-
          holders, to allow a place on which to bind (see sys-

          In the native environment, an arbitrary initial directory
          structure and file content can be built-in when the kernel
          is configured, but it will typically include at least the
          names above, to act as mount points.  (See the discussion of
          the `root section' in conf(10.6).) The required file
          /osinit.dis (not present in the emulation environment) pro-
          vides an executable Dis binary when read, and is the first
          program invoked when initialising the system.  Other files
          needed for bootstrap might also reside in this device.

          Its local name #/ can be used by programs outside the ker-
          nel, for instance to implement newns in newns(2).



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