SEE(9)                                                     SEE(9)

          see - Make a portion of a widget visible.

          see option ?pathName?

          See makes sure that a portion of a widget is visible in its
          containing view; for instance, it will scroll a canvas or
          text widget to ensure that the specified portion is in view.
          The following options are supported:

          -rectangle  list
               Specifies a list with four dist coordinates describing
               the left, top, right, and bottom coordinates of the
               rectangular region, in coordinates relative to the
               widget origin, of the area that should be made visible.

          -point listP
               Specifies a list with two dist coordinates describing a
               point within the widget that should be made visible by
               preference if the entirety of the above-specified
               rectangle cannot be shown. Defaults to the top left of
               the specified rectangle.

               If this option is given, see returns a list containing
               the left, top, right and bottom coordinates of the
               currently visible portion of pathName.

          If neither the -rectangle or the -point options are given,
          then the entire area of pathName will be made visible.

          options(9), types(9)

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