MUX(1)                                                     MUX(1)

          mux - interactive television demo


          Mux is a standalone application environment run from the
          Inferno console in emu(1) or started automatically by
          init(8) in a native environment.  It directly uses the
          draw(3) device and either keyboard or Infrared, and cannot
          be run under wm(1). It is included in this release only as
          an example of the use of the Prefab graphics module
          described by prefab-intro(2). The simpler style of graphics
          and interaction provided by Prefab and demonstrated by mux
          might be more appropriate than Tk on devices that use
          infrared remote control for interaction, such as televi-
          sions, or devices with limited screen space, such as pocket
          devices or portable telephones.

          Mux produces a menu derived from the configuration file
          /services/basic.  Each line in the file has three fields,
          separated by :, of the following form:


          The icon is the name of a bitmap file to displayed in the
          menu alongside the textual label (which is the rest of the
          line).  When the item is selected, as described below, mux
          runs the Dis file


          The following applications are available:

          fnn       Financial reports: a scrolling `ticker tape' along
                    the bottom of the screen.
          movie     Movies: select a film from a menu of categories
          news      Today's Newspaper: on-screen newspapers
          tv        Television
          tvlist    TV Timetable
          pizza     Order Pizza
          email     Internet mail
          web       Internet Web Browser: simplistic web browser
          register  Register with a service provider
          ovid      Presentations
          audioctl  Audio Control

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     MUX(1)                                                     MUX(1)

          Mux can be controlled using an infrared device, but for
          demonstration purposes under emu(1) the infrared is emulated
          using the keyboard (see ir(2)). The following are the common

          r        channel up
          c        channel down
          t        volume up
          v        volume down
          i        cursor up
          m        cursor down
          j        cursor left; rewind
          k        cursor right; fast forward
          x        return to main menu leaving application running;
          newline  select item
          space    exit and return to the previous screen or menu



          wm(1), ir(2), prefab-intro(2), virgil(2), manufacture(8),
          register(8), signer(8), virgild(8)

          The video demonstrations currently work only on native
          machines with specific hardware.
          For copyright reasons, some databases are not distributed,
          or have randomly-generated content.

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